JavaScript image annotation library

Add drawing, commenting and labeling functionality to images on your website with a few lines of JavaScript

Download Annotorious 2.7.12
var anno = Annotorious.init({
  image: document.getElementById('image-to-annotate')

// Load annotations in W3C Web Annotation format

// Attach listeners to handle annotation events
anno.on('createAnnotation', function(annotation) {

Integrate anywhere. Client-only JavaScript. Works in the browser with no server-side dependencies. With a rich JavaScript API that has everything you need to build your own tailor-made annotation applications. Get started.

Flexible. Extensible. Interoperable. Based on the W3C standard for web annotations. Fully customizable. Change look & feel with CSS, write your own formatters to apply rule-based annotation styles, or build your own plugins and editor extensions.

Annotorious is also available as a plugin to OpenSeadragon, a JavaScript viewer for high-resolution zoomable images. Learn more.

Download OpenSeadragon Plugin 2.7.14

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