About Annotorious

Annotorious is being developed under the leadership of the Austrian Institute of Technology. The software has its roots in the YUMA Universal Media Annotator prototype, developed as part of the EuropeanaConnect research project.


Annotorious is licensed under the terms of the MIT License. In short: Annotorious is delivered 'as is', and you can feel free to use it wherever or however you want. Needless to say: if you fix a bug, or add a cool feature, be sure to give back to the community.

Need Help?

Get in touch via our Google Group (also E-Mail), or report bugs via our GitHub issue tracker!

Source Code

Our source code is hosted on Github.

Image Attribution

The front page image carousel includes the following three public domain or CC-licensed images:

The Annotorious feather icon is based on the CC0-licensed artwork by Eduardo Souza.