To add a plugin, include the plugin script in your page head and register the plugin through the Annotorious JavaScript API. Example:

  <!-- Import main Annotorious script and CSS -->
  <link rel="stylesheet" href="css/annotorious.css" type="text/css" />
  <script src="js/annotorious.min.js"></script>

  <!-- Import the plugin script -->
  <script src="js/example-plugin.js"></script>
  <!-- Use the API to attach and activate the plugin -->
    anno.addPlugin('ExamplePlugin', {});

Storage Plugins

Storage plugins connect Annotorious to different types of databases or storage backends. You don't necessarily need a storage plugin to persist your annotations - you could just as well roll your own solution using the JavaScript API - but storage plugins may make your life easier. Storage
A cloud storage plugin to store annotations on the Parse platform hosting service. Kindly contributed by @dommmel.
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ElasticSearch Storage
A simple plug-in that stores annotations on an ElasticSearch server. Meant primarily as a demo, and as an example for those interested in building their own storage plugins.
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Selector Plugins

Selector plugins add new drawing/selection tools to Annotorious.

Fancy Box
Replaces the default box selection tool with a selector that masks out the rest of the image while selecting.
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Semantic Tagging (Beta)
Adds Semantic Tagging functionality to Annotorious: while typing an annotation, the text is sent to a server for Named Entity Recognition. Entities are suggested as possible tags, and the user can add them to the annotation by clicking on them.
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Other Useful Stuff

Integration between Annotorious and OKFN Annotator

This extension integrates Annotorious into the Annotator Web annotation system by the Open Knowledge Foundation. Technically, this is not realized as an Annotorious Plugin, so bear in mind that the setup procedure is different! Read the docs for details.

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PyBossa Template for Picture Tagging with Annotorious

An Annotorious-powered template for the open-source crowdsourcing framework PyBossa that allows you to tag picture collections.

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