Plugins extend the functionality of Annotorious. The following plugins are currently available:

Annotorious Better Polygon

A better polygon drawing tool for for Annotorious and Annotorious OpenSeadragon. Provides extra features not found in the built-in polygon tool, such as adding and removing points, closing the polygon by re-selecting the first point, and selecting/moving multiple corners.

Annotorious Selector Pack

Additional selection tools for Annotorious and Annotorious OpenSeadragon: circle, ellipse and freehand drawing.

Annotorious Toolbar

A simple toolbar to switch between drawing tools.

Comments Mention

A comment thread widget for the editor popup that lets you @-mention users like on Facebook or Twitter.

Firebase Storage

A storage plugin that uses Google Firebase as a cloud annotation store.

OpenSeadragon Sequence Mode

Simplifies the use of Sequence Mode. The plugin lets you add all annotations for the sequence at once, and handles pagination automatically.

Shape Labels

A plugin that adds labels to annotation shapes, using the first tag as the label value. Provides customization options via CSS.

Tensorflow Tag Suggestions

A plugin that uses TensorflowJS to provide AI-powered automatic tag suggestions. Tag image regions manually first. After learning from at least two examples, the plugin provides tag suggestions automatically.

Tilted Box Drawing Tool

A plugin that adds a new drawing tool to Annotorious and Annotorious OpenSeadragon: the Tilted Box. Draw a rectangle with arbitrary rotation with only two clicks.